Hi, I’m Saurabh Saxena. I help merchants and entrepreneurs build their e-commerce brand, launch, and make their first sale. Your first sale is usually your hardest sale. You’ll agree with me, right?

“Serial entrepreneur and author Walt Sutton likens a new business to a baby”

Just like a baby’s first year, your first year in business can be a new and confusing time. But not when you’ve got a professional e-commerce expert who can help you do the heavy lifting and set your business up for success. Back in college when I started as a web designer, I met a lot of young people who wanted to launch their businesses online. But didn’t know how to get started. Some of them owned brick and mortar businesses already, but, of course, have heard that they can reach more audiences and make more sales if they set up an online store. But there was a challenge.

They were filled with confusion. They had no idea about how to get started. Already, I’ve done a couple of e-commerce websites for some brands and worked with them to tell their stories in a way that it resonates with their audiences, improved their visibility, and allowed them to make more sales — especially their first sale online. Then I knew I was the much needed rockstar to help them get started.

At that time, social media platforms were not as popular and robust as they are today. However, I managed to help them drive engagements on social media that resulted in sales. My love for beautiful design is just something I can’t explain. I don’t just make beautiful e-commerce websites, I make ecommerce websites the converts visitors to customers.

In one of my clients voice: “… I’m over the moon with his service for my new website. He has innovative ideas and a good taste when it comes to design. He’s reliable and trustworthy. I must confess, he’s the go to expert for ecommerce,” says Dessy Vassileva, founder of Caroinez Hurley Well, I figured out a combination of my web design and ecommerce skill, made me a one-stop-shop for my clients e-commerce consulting needs each time she needed insights to help improve her e-commerce business. And that brings a consistent referral clients to me. Interestingly, each time I do give out these consultations, I feel a lot fulfilled then I knew I was addicted to e-commerce. So I decided to help more small business owners set up their online stores. I reached out to small business owners around town and got their store setup — handsfree. Literally, I’ve helped a ton of businesses set up their stores online on the popular Shopify, Woocommerce, etsy (help you migrate your Etsy store to Shopify), etc platforms and helped them with social media marketing — especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Here is what the founder of Trendyrompers.com, Pierre Abraham —- said about my service:

“Saurabh and his team have been an excellent resource since launching our e-commerce channel in late 2016. From a complete revamp of our site, to daily/weekly maintenance & upgrades, Saurabh has been a pivotal piece of our planning & implementation. I’m confident he will continue to play a vital role in our success for years to come. For anyone looking to take their Shopify store to the next level, I would certainly recommend Saurabh” I’ve got a ton of 5 star reviews while working on Upwork.

Like this one:

Been doing this for the past 7-years, I’ve developed bullet proofed strategies and hacks that allow merchants to start from zero to launching their business on Shopify and making their first sale. Allow me to help you set up your e-commerce store, provide you with mindset and technical support even if you’re a crafter, a brick and mortar retail brand, and want to set up an online store that will convert your business to a revenue generating engine. I’m here to help you.

Contact me with the contact form below. Let’s get started.